Risk reduction of injuries caused by classic hand stamps

Occupational safety is an important issue for all companies. By definition, occupational safety is referred to as a desirable non-dangerous condition in the practice of the profession*. In the sense of the Industrial Safety Act (ArbSchG), the aim is to ensure the prevention of accidents at work. In particular, the general technical occupational safety must ensure the defense of work-related hazards for the employee with applied technology*. Despite all safety precautions, around 27,000 people injure themselves every year so severely while working with hand tools that they have to be reported as an accident. With a share of 40 percent of all reportable accidents at work, hand injuries are the most common ones. Almost 30 percent of all accidents are caused by tools such as hammers or screwdrivers.

Especially in the metalworking industry, hand injuries play an important role, e.g. when thinking about conventional marking. It often happens that the hand or fingers are hit instead of the stamp. The injuries can be so severe that employees suffer under permanent damage.

Due to this many businesses are replacing their classic impact punches and opting for an alternative by choosing the portable, battery operated handheld marking system FlyMarker mini. The work-related hazards of a hand injury cannot happen while marking with the FlyMarker mini. Even other dangers such as tripping hazards caused by cables lying around cannot arise as the FlyMarker mini is battery operated.

Furthermore, the use is also very simple and facilitates the permanent and mobile marking of all kinds of workpieces. The mobile dot peen marker can be brought directly to large and immovable parts and marks individually, quickly and economically. The content of the marking is freely selectable and logos or data matrix codes can also be marked.

Another important advantage:
The employers' liability insurance associations have recognized that the use of this portable marker results in considerable added value for the companies and that they cover the entire acquisition costs for the FlyMarker mini in certain cases.